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Cannabiotix Flower: Mount Zereal Kush Review

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED August 2022 on HelloBlyss

I need a good amount of concentration to get a good joint roll going. So when life gets chaotic, it can be challenging to show up to the rolling tray. Most of the time, for convenience, I like to have pre-rolls on deck. However, buds are the plant in its purest state.

So, I wanted to slow down, roll a joint, and give you a review of some flower that just hit the shelf. Mount Zereal Kush by Cannabiotix is the strand of the week.

Cannabis can be subjective, and affect everyone differently. I always encourage everyone to keep a journal about how each product makes them feel. So that's how I will format my reviews, as I do in my notes.

A few of my co-workers had rave reviews about this sample. With the name Zereal, I assumed it would be some sort of genetic cross with the Cereal Milk strain, which has been a popular strain with many repeat customers.

After a quick search, I learned it's a cross of Kush Mountains and Zereal Milk. Zereal Milk is a cross between Cereal Milk and Zkittles - yum!


Cannabiotix stores their flower in clear glass jars with a wrap sticker. They always have fun designs on their jars to match their strain names. This jar has a photo of three geometric-esque purple mountains.

It's listed as a 70/30 split indica dominant hybrid with "anticipated effects" being soothing, joyful, and tranquil. It doesn't list the specific terpenes, but it has a percentage of 2.37%, which is pretty good. The average is between 1-2%.


They say the nose knows: if you like the smell of the weed, you'll most likely like the effects.

I loved the scent of this Mount Zereal Kush right off the bat. It's heavy on the pine and lemon up front, then I get a slightly gassy smell in the back notes. I am still coming back for heavy whiffs from this jar.


Cannabiotix trimmers use a "revolve the stem" technique which preserves the resin-filled trichomes by limiting the nug's exposure to touch. These Mount Zereal Kush nugs were covered in trichomes. The nugs had dark green and purple leaves speckled with sandstone orange hairs. While the nugs weren't super sticky, but were softly dense and grinded into a nice fluffy pile for me to roll.


While I was expecting the pine and lemon smells to pop up, I got more of a skunky sweet flavor. A few things could affect the taste of the flower, one being the paper I rolled it in, and the other the butane from the light I sparked the jay with. Either way, it was a moderately pleasant taste.


I don't often smoke an entire joint in one sitting. Judge me as you will. I smoke a little and go, then return when I need more. It’s an effective method for getting a good vibe of how a product really makes me feel.

I first smoked Mount Zereal Kush at night and attempted to get some work done, but I ended up just getting really into petting my dog and then heading to bed early. Despite being in bed, relaxed and cozy, I found my mind was a little restless. I thought that maybe the pinene terps had something to do with it, so I decided to smoke it again the morning.

The morning sesh left me pretty zoned out. I was focused but not on anything productive. I noticed the high lasted a good couple of hours though, a functional high for the average stoner. I was left with pretty intense red eyes.

My final sesh left me with the same vibes, I had to really try to focus on productive tasks, but I wasn't sleepy. I'll probably smoke the rest of this 8th on nights where I can sit back, watch some TV, and get into a nice chill sesh.

About the Brand

Cannabiotix is a brand based out of LA. They reference natural and sustainable farming techniques but don't specify what those are. Growing weed can be harsh on the environment, so I'd be curious to know the specifics of their growing practices. Their team boasts over 20 years of growing experience, and the brand has been around since 2014.


I was lucky to get an 8th of this as a sample. Cannabiotix 8th is considered "Top Shelf" or a premium product and runs for about $60 pretax. I consider myself a smoker on a reasonable budget, so I'd personally save this purchase on a "treat yourself" or special occasion. The strain didn’t wow me as much as some of their others, but it has 4 stars on sites like Weedmaps, so some people really love it.

I'd recommend this for consumers who enjoy the top-shelf brands and are looking for some piney, fluffy nugs, or someone looking for a strain to help them get them in the mood to relax.

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