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Kushy Dreams: Create CBD Flower Review


CBD or cannabidiol is the non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. You can find CBD products in legal dispensaries but also licensed non-retailers, like grocery stores and amazon. The difference between the two is that one is hemp-derived, and the other is cannabis-derived.

The two plants, cannabis, and hemp are very similar, often referred to as cousins. However, hemp is legal throughout the United States thanks to the Farm Act of 2018. It contains less than .03% THC (the intoxicating cannabinoid). Cannabis’ legality depends on which state you’re in and is much higher in THC.

Many cannabis curious consumers start their CBD journey, often hoping to find the same THC relief without getting high. CBD can help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It can also help reduce inflammation and pain.

You’ll find hemp CBD products in the form of tinctures and topicals, but one of the fastest ways to feel its effects is to smoke it.

Kushy Dreams is a hemp CBD company that provides both loose flower and pre-rolls. In this review, I tried out their loose leave flower in Create, ultra-premium.

Courtesy of Rebecca / ThatCannabisWriter


Kushy Dreams CBD flower comes in 3.5 grams in a nitro-sealed container. They don’t label their products with strain names (which is a trend I’ve seen more often); instead, they mark their flower with the effects.

The Create is labeled with a gold accent. The label lists info like organic farming practices, slow cured and made in the USA. I scanned a QR code to take me to the lab results for the flower, but the results are from early 2020, which made me question the freshness of the flower. However, I did read that hemp CBD flower has a shelf life of up to 2 years if stored properly, so the fact that it’s nitro sealed gave me peace of mind.

Look, Taste & Smell

When I took off the lid to this flower, it revealed beautifully deep dark purple nugs covered in orange hairs, which I rarely see in flower labeled sativa.

After removing the nitro seal, I was hit in the nose with pungent sweet grape notes.The smell was probably my favorite part of this particular flower. I sometimes open the can to get a good whiff of it. When smoking it, the taste mimics the sweet aromas.

When I opened it, the nugs were a bit dry, but this is probably because hemp has a lower resin content than cannabis, which are those trichomes on the plant that make it sticky.

Courtesy of Rebecca / ThatCannabisWriter


Ok here is where most of my skepticism came in. I am a pretty regular cannabis smoker. I smoke both high THC and CBD products. This past year I dived deeper into CBD because I’m not always trying to be stoned throughout my day. So since I know that hemp is less intoxicating than cannabis, I wasn’t too sure if I’d feel anything at all.

With cannabis, I usually only need a bowl to get a good head change. So I started with one of the Create. I honestly didn’t feel too much at first. However, I did notice a slight burst of energy. After I finished the bowl, I sat down to do some work and was pretty focused, clear-minded, and relaxed, which I appreciated. The effects lasted about 30-45 minutes. Still, I found myself going back to pack a couple of more bowls at the top of each hour to increase the intensity of the effects.

Courtesy of Rebecca / ThatCannabisWriter


Overall I think the Create flower was pretty chill. I would recommend it to more novice users and those looking to get creative or focused without getting stoned. The Create flower was also excellent for the daytime since it did give me some energy. I was pretty impressed with the look and smell of the product as well.

An 8th of this flower retails for about 50 dollars on their website, but it did offer me free shipping. And since it’s hemp, there are no cannabis taxes added to that price. You can find Create, ultra-premium flower, along with the rest of their product catalog on their online store.

I’ll be reviewing their other products soon, so stay tuned!

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