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Pure Beauty Flower: Super Silver Haze Review

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED August 2022 on HelloBlyss

Sometimes you don't need a cannabis strain that will knock you on your ass. Sometimes you need a lighter, more "movin' and groovin'" vibe. That's what I got from Pure Beauty's Super Silver Haze.

This cultivar is a sativa categorized strain with a genetic lineage of Northern Lights, Skunk No 1, and Haze.

Pure Beauty is a brand I'm super familiar with and have grown to love. They are a minority woman-owned, environmentally conscious brand that does its best to give back to the community when it can.

They offer consumers a variety of strains, pre-rolls, and beverages – Super Silver Haze can be found in both their flower and preroll options.

After smoking Super Silver Haze, I enjoyed a productive evening filled with writing assignments and snack breaks. Then a delightful check-in Facetime call with one of my friends– chatting about our newest creative endeavors, Beyoncé's new album, and cannabis products we're trying.

I'd recommend this strain to anyone looking for a lightly stoney, flavorful smoking experience. I enjoyed the way the high settled down. After about an hour, I was zoned into whatever task was in front of me.

I'll be finishing this jar for the remainder of my wake n' bake and writing sessions this week, but I could see the strain being an enjoyable experience for any engaging or creative leisure activity. It gives me a beach-chill feel.


Pure Beauty sativa strains come in bright yellow packaging. The brand name is in clean, thick, bold, black font, and their logo is a simplistic but character-filled set of eyeballs. It's clean, but it stands out on a shelf.

My favorite part about the packages, besides the branding, is the attempt to use as little paper as possible. Not every brand list the strain's lineage, terpene percentage, or profile, but Pure Beauty lists it all. It's nice to know a little bit more about what you're smoking. The terpene percentage listed is 1.22%, about average. The profile is myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene.

As a budtender, with the information I know off the top of my head, I assumed this profile might be a more mellow sativa.

Total cannabinoids listed for Super Silver Haze is 27.99%, 26.76% of which is THC. I'd prefer a more significant gap between the THC and total cannabinoids. The presence of more minor cannabinoids gives me a longer-lasting high as opposed to a strain rich in just THC. But that's just me.

I'm sure you wonder if I struggled to open this cannabis product, and I can confidently say I did not. The box and jar are super user-friendly.

8/10 – I don't always think we need a box and a jar, and it may be an unnecessary use of extra material. Maybe the helpful information could be posted on the glass jar.

Touch and Texture

These nugs felt dense falling out of the jar and into my hands. With a light squeeze, they had a slight squish to them. Once I broke open a nug, I saw lots of trichomes (those little sticky hairs) covering the leaves. It wasn't overly sticky, though. It grinded into a slightly fluffy pile and rolled into a tight joint.

8/10 – It wasn't dry and rolled up and smoked nicely.


The first inhale of Super Silver Haze gave me a solid gassy diesel smell, followed by a piney aroma. With a few more sniffs, I got a sweet, sticky inhale on the back end.

Upon cracking the first nug and grinding it up, I could smell more hints of lemon.

8/10 – Overall, it was a pleasant aroma.

Flavor & Mouthfeel

I took a couple dry hits off the joint – that's when you inhale without lighting it. I still got intense flavors of lemon and citrus.

After sparking it, the gas flavors came through with light citrus notes toward the end of the inhale. I tasted a delicate creamy flavor in the smoke, similar to that sticky smell I spoke about earlier.

8/10 – This is a delightful flower to smoke, and the flavor was something I enjoyed coming back to.


Here's where this strain loses me just a bit. As I mentioned in my previous flower review, I'm a light smoker but a regular one. So although I only smoke a little at a time, I like it to pack a nice punch.

I'd classify this experience as light. Although it was delicious, I wanted to smoke again a little over 2 hours later. Now, writing this, that seems about reasonable. Still, some highs can last up to 4.

I think I had preconceived notions that a Haze strain would make me feel a little more energetic.

I enjoyed the feeling and sparking it up when I was ready to again, and I was happy and engaged when I was writing and talking with my friend.

The high did fuel a bit of the munchies, but I was ready to whip up some leftover take-out and wash it down with a refreshing carbonated beverage.

6/10 – I'd recommend this more for a light to mild smoker, or for an experience you just need a slight mood shift for.


If 1 was a super uncomfortable "I-need-to-lay-down-no" high and 10 was a comfortable "I could smoke this and do all the things I need to do today" high, I'd give this a 10/10.

For me, a mild daily smoker, I'd say this was a comfortable high. I could smoke this and go about my day.


I received this product as a sample, so for me, the value was a 10/10.

But I'd like to rate it at its retail price. Pure Beauty 1/8ths at my dispensary is between $42-$45 pre-tax, which comes out to about $57-$60 after Santa Clara County taxes. This price point is about average but leaning towards the higher end.

Knowing what I know now about the strain, I probably wouldn't buy it myself. I'm a stoner on a budget, so I'm only paying that much when it's strain or product I know I'm getting a fantastic high with.

This is a minority, woman-owned business with good practices and values, so I'll give it an extra point. Nonetheless, the overall experience for me was average. So a 6/10 on value.


Super Silver Haze by Pure Beauty scored 7.7 out of 10. But please remember cannabis is super subjective, and you may have a different experience. This is just my humble budtender opinion.

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