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Dr. Norm's Edibles Brand Review


A budtender, at the most basic level, is an employee at a cannabis dispensary or store. They help customers in various ways, mostly by answering product questions and ringing up orders. On a deeper level, they are well-versed specialists who serve cannabis and share knowledge with members of their community.

I've been a budtender in the legal California market for almost 3 years, a journalist/cannabis educator/content creator for 4 years, and a writer for most of my life.

I talk to strangers about weed 40 hours a week as a budtender. Then when I come home, I write about it. I love cannabis and breaking down information into digestible fun facts.

I believe there's a product for every time of day, almost every ailment, and every kind of person. It is an industry where each consumer has unique preferences, and all those preferences can be satisfied.

I work with hundreds of products and have developed methods to answer the question "which one is better?" based on the customer's needs.

It's a fine line. But I work to walk it well.

So that's why I'm here. To give you honest advice about products, tell you what I'm consuming, and provide some information that might help you decide what the right product is for you. Product advice and insight from your friendly local budtender.

I believe it's always best to start a product suggestion with one I know, love, and have shared with others who have told me they agree. Dr. Norm's edibles, specifically the Fruity Crispy Rice Bar, are one of my current favorites.

Let me break it down.


Dr. Norm’s makes a wide variety of baked goods, but rice-crispy style ones remind me of pre-legalization, homemade days. I'm partial to the fruity variety, so I gravitate towards those. It doesn't have a strong weed flavor. It's marshmallowy, crispy, and rainbow flavory.


Dr. Norm’s infuses their edibles with fats like butter and coconut oil to maximize the effects of the THC content. As someone who consumes edibles regularly (20 mg is my average dose), a 20 mg dose, or two square pieces, hits nice and heavy in the eyes and body.


The packaging for each flavor is a different color, but this one uses a close shot of the product, displaying rainbow color rice-crispy goodness. They provide a dosing card so you can place the treat on it and cut it to your desired dosage.

Brand Story

Dr Norm’s was started by a brother-sister duo. The two had a successful cookie company named after their mother, who made delicious cookies, then they decided to do a weed-infused line and name it after their dad, who was a doctor.


A 100mg package ranges from $14-$23, pre-tax. This is on the lower end compared to other others, and overall a great price point for the flavor and effects.

I've purchased Dr. Norm's products on multiple occasions, so it's an easy one to share. If crispy rice bars aren't your jam, they have cookies (they come in 10, 20, & 100mg pieces and a rapid onset variety) and brownies.

This is just one of many products I'd like to share and review. Hopefully, I can help you decide which one might be right for you.

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