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Cannabis Review - fumé: for the knowledgeable consumer craving an elevated experience

fumé (pronounced foo-may) is an up-and-coming cannabis brand designed for the educated cannabis consumer. This company seeks out cannabis connoisseurs who look beyond THC percentages and care about growing practices and terpenes. The Napa Valley-based label provides flavorful flower with a highly elevated experience. From flower, packaging, pricing, and ethics, it's a brand that's easy to get behind and enjoy.

When I looked up their brand on the Eaze menu, all the strains sounded delicious. fumé, which is french for ‘smoked’, offers a selection of sustainability-grown flower in preroll packs, single full-gram prerolls, and 8ths. I really wanted to try as many strains as possible, so I ordered 3 singles: Mango Kush, Double Chem OG, and Dank Fruit, as well as 2 8ths: Cherry AK and Buremes Banana Berry.

Packaging and Accessories

The packaging is noticeably soft and bright right out of the delivery bag. Each recyclable box is accented with light gold weed leaves and a supporting label for the social justice organization, The Last Prisoner Project. This group focuses on releasing and rebuilding the lives of those criminalized by the War on Drugs. Fume's support for the group includes monthly donations and letting writing campaigns.

Supporting a good cause is always a first good impression and sets a good tone before consuming.

The 8th boxes are resistant certified to open but still manageable for the average adult. (If you've ever spent an access amount of time trying to get to your cannabis product through what seems to be both child and adult proof packaging, you'll know what I mean) The black jars are UV-resistant and airtight, which helps preserve the flower 5 times longer. These jars are also accented with beautiful light gold cannabis leaves.

The preroll and accessories are revealed with a quick card swipe to a small insert on the side. Each $18 (pre-tax) full gram preroll comes with a cherry wood joint tip from a small Denver wood maker and 2 ft of organic beeswax hemp wick. Both accessories are included to allow the consumer to taste the carefully selected small-batch flower and can be used even after the preroll is smoked. The joints are held in a sleek transparent case with a cork top, another reusable item I held onto.

I have to say that the included accessories with the king cone joints are adorable. Smoking with hemp wick and the cherry wood tip visually upgrades the experience. You genuinely get to taste the flower on an elevated level.

The Flower

Mango Kush – 1 gram King Cone preroll

I love Mango and Hindu Kush genetics, so I was super stoked to see this on the menu. This strain is super fun. It's a happy, creative vibe that starts with sweet earthly flavors. It's rich in terpenes, myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene.

This was light dep grown by Biomass Gardens.

Double Chem OG – 1 gram King Cone preroll

This joint was my wind-down treat at the end of a really long day of budtending. Double Chem OG is a cross between OG Chem Dawg and Double Sour OG. These two OG's really hit the body, and I caught the yawns mid-way through this session. This one smelled and tasted super earthy. The top terpenes in this strain are myrcene, pinene, limonene, and humulene.

It was grown in a light dep environment by Rebel Grown.

Dank Fruit – 1 gram King Cone preroll

I enjoyed this preroll with one of my homegirls before going to happy hour. We shared a really good convo, and some deep belly laughs. Dank Fruit is a cross of Purple Papaya Punch and Blue Dream. While it smells more like citrus hops, it tastes way more earthy. Myrcene, limonene, and pinene are top terpenes, which explains its relaxing but happy effects.

This strain is sun-grown by Floribunda Farms.

Cherry AK – 8th ($30, pre-tax)

This strain was my favorite of the bunch. I chose it because I had never had an AK but had heard it so many times. AK-47 lineage combines Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghanistan landrace strains! What a yummy way to start the day. I have to be careful with Sativa labeled cultivars because they can make me super energized and even anxious depending on the terpene content. But this bud smell skunky and a little sweet. It had some light cherry flavors, but I really enjoyed the effects. Cherry AK's top terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. This flower got me up in going in the happiest of ways. It was probably my favorite from the bunch.

This bud was grown by Emerald Queen Farms in a mixed light environment.

Burmese Banana Berry – 8th ($55, pre-tax)

I usually don't like anything banana-based, but I really wanted to try as many of their strains as possible. I ended up really enjoying this high! It was a really mellow experience, perfect for a mid-day session. I smoked this before a tarot card reading and was able to zone into the session and messages. These nugs were fluffy, sticky, and had pleasant earthy smells. I couldn't find much information about the growing environment or the cultivar lineage.


Overall I really enjoyed fumé's products. I love that they feature small legacy farms that grow sustainability, give back to essential cannabis organizations, and have beautiful recyclable packaging.

I would repurchase an 8th of Cherry AK for sure, and I really enjoyed the giggles from the Dank Fruit. The accessories were such a dope add to the king cone prerolls and make it even more worth the money.

I was pleased with the effects of all the flower. I would recommend this brand to any consumer who cares about the quality of the bud they're smoking and the world around them.

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